Cedar development began in January 2016 on MITRE servers and was released to GitHub on May 25th, 2016. Release schedules are set based on planned functionality rather than on a set timeline.

Version 0.4 (TBD)

  • Allow user-specified modifications to the QRDA header
  • Improve performance of QRDA Category 3 file generation
  • Allow for a user-specified number of QRDA documents to be generated in each test
  • Generate QRDA files using the Joint Commission IG in addition to the CMS IG
  • Dashboard showing validation coverage over time

Version 0.3 (October 31,2016)

New project staffing limited the potential for new functionality this release cycle.

New Functionality

  • Add UI Unit and Integration Tests

Bug Fixes

  • Invalid measure id test was not inserting an invalid guid for the ‘root’ id.
  • Fixed performance rate bug.

Version 0.2 (August 10, 2016)

New Functionality

  • Add the ability to upload multiple measure bundles for multiple reporting years
  • Add docker configuration files and some setup instructions
  • Add v1 of the Cedar API
  • Add several invalidators and their respective unit tests
    • Invalid Code
    • Invalid Measure Identifier
    • Inconsistent Time Formats
    • Missing Population ID
    • Performance Rate Divide by Zero
    • Performance Rate Out of Range
  • Add configuration pages for measures and validations
  • Add the ability for users to tag and filter measures and validations so they can be more quickly accessed and used during test executions
  • Add an index number for each of the documents created in a test execution
  • Improve randomization of patient information in QRDA I files
  • Improve the random names given to documents created in a test execution - they now pull from a list of actual hospitals in the United States

Bug Fixes

  • Extra database cache records no longer created on test execution process runs
  • Incorporate error checking to prevent invalid reporting year/measure/validation combinations
  • Hardcode some constants to speed up server startup
  • Fix rails pipeline errors

Version 0.1 (May 25, 2016)

New Functionality

  • Generate both QRDA Category 1 and Category 3 files
  • Validations included for testing eCQM collection systems:
    • Denominator Greater Than IPP
    • Discharge After Upload
    • Discharge Before Admission
    • Duplicated Measure Population IDs
    • Incorrect Code System
    • Invalid Value Set
    • Numerator Greater Than Denominator
    • Reporting Period
    • Unfinished QRDA file
    • Value Set without Code System