Cedar is a free, open source tool for testing the strength of Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) collection systems that receive Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) files.

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QRDA is messy.
Cedar can help.
1 You choose
how you want to test your eCQM collection system by entering test details like...
  • Reporting Year
  • QRDA Type (Category 1 or 3)
  • Measure (choose from any of the 100+ Meaningful Use eCQMs)
  • Validations to run (Cedar can modify the structure, calculations, or contextual details of a QRDA file)
2 Cedar generates
a series of valid and invalid QRDA test files for you to use in testing your eCQM collection system. Each file is assigned an index and the name of a mock healthcare provider and placed in a zip file for a simple download.
3 You test
the QRDA files that Cedar generates through your eCQM collection system. Then, you enter the actual results from your tests into Cedar.
4 Cedar shows
which QRDA errors your eCQM collection system is able to understand and reject. This means Cedar can help with both the initial rollout of an eCQM collection system and regression testing when those systems are modified.
Why use Cedar?


of QRDA Category III files contained errors during the 2014 reporting period.


Cedar QRDA files contain no Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Accurate eCQMs empower

Accurate Provider Reimbursement
Insight into Clinical Quality
Better Patient Outcomes
Improved Communication between EHR Vendors, Healthcare Providers, and QRDA Collectors

Free + Open Source

Cedar is and always will be available 100% free of charge. Also, Cedar's source code is available under the Apache v2.0 license, so you can modify it to fit your organizations' needs.